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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I keep my energy consumption low?

DEVImats have been used for low energy buildings and promote temperature precision. The warmth it produces is the perfect temperature to ensure long-lasting comfort. Keep your energy consumption low by installing the DEVImats. Digital thermostats come with the DEVImat Kits. These systems can be switched on and off on the go for optimised usage.

How do I calculate the correct size DEVImat?

To calculate the correct size DEVImat for your requirements, measure the area you want floor heating. This gives you the necessary mat size. A tip is to select a mat that is slightly smaller than your required floor area.

How long does DEVImat take to deliver?

General delivery times range from 3 – 5 days. The COVID-19 Outbreak has led to increased delivery times of up to 2 weeks, subject to product availability. The team are working hard to ensure you get your products on time.

What is the difference between In DEVI Screed and DEVI Under Tile heating?

DEVI In Screed 

Screed heating requires the installation of heating cables to the top of the floor structure. It uses a light steel mesh or fixing strips. These cables are placed in a sand/cement bed that is heated, and the heat travels up the floor surface. 

DEVI Under Tile 

Undertile is a direct heat source and best for renovation projects. They are fast and easy to install and are perfect for irregularly shaped rooms. The mesh can be cut for this purpose.* 

*Do not cut the cable. Doing so can cause the failure of the heating system. 

What is the difference between DEVI In Slab and DEVI In Screed heating?

DEVI In Slab 

In Slab is a heating cable fixed to the top layer of the slab reinforcement before slab pour. The heating cable is installed on the top mesh in 30-40mm of concrete* during construction. These cables heat the concrete slab and conduct radiant warmth to the floor surface. This system retains heat for long periods, therefore, creating a heat bank. 


DEVI In Screed Heating 

Screed heating requires the installation of heating cables to the top of the floor structure. It uses a light steel mesh or fixing strips. These cables are placed in a sand/cement bed that is heated, and the heat travels up the floor surface. 

Is DEVI underfloor heating suitable for all types of flooring?

Yes! DEVI underfloor heating products are up to Australian standards and can be used on almost all surfaces. Some examples are: timber, tile, stone, turf, new concrete or renovated floors. 

Does DEVImat heat under timber flooring?

Yes. The DEVImat is compatible with and heats timber flooring.

How thick is the DEVImat?

The DEVImat can come as slim as 2.5mm and are the thinnest on the market.

Does DEVI floor heating heat the entire room?

DEVI floor heating operates as a radiant floor heating system, meaning the heat permeates throughout the room.

Can I use the DEVImat in the shower?

The DEVImat can be used to heat bathroom tiles and the shower. The DEVImat fits in tiled showers but is not compatible in showers with trays.

Can I install the DEVImat myself?

The DEVImat is user-friendly. We have installation guides for you to complete your DIY project. We do, however, recommend that you hire a licensed professional to ensure the perfect installation.

Is there a warranty on DEVImat products?

DEVI offers a Full-Service Warranty on all resistive ready-made heating mats. Covering costs for: 

• inspection of the warranty claim

• product replacement with a new comparable product or repair the product

• payments for the installation

• floor materials of similar type or price level (e.g. damage to brickwork and tiles)

• transportation costs


The DEVIreg™ Opti comes with a 2-year warranty. 

The DEVIreg™ Touch and DEVIreg™ Smart come with 5-year warranties. 

How long will the DEVImat take to warm the floor?

The DEVImat is for instant heat with heat-up times of 30 minutes.

Are there any safety issues with DEVImats?

The DEVImat is user-friendly, reliable and safe. It abides by Australian standards and all products go through quality assurance processes to ensure the highest quality goods. The DEVImat is water-resistant and manufactured according to the International IEC standards.

How much does DEVImat cost to run?

The cost is dependent on the size of the room, floor space and if the system is the only form of heating. Electric floor heat costs less than other conventional heating systems with low installation costs and almost zero maintenance costs. Here is an example of running cost, please note it depends on the electricity plan. This is an equation that we use for a rough approximate based on the charges on our electricity bill:
watts X rate during biggest peak = running costs per hour
Bathroom 1 (3m2) uses 450 w = $0.18 per hour approx.
Bathroom 2 (4m2) uses 600 w = $0.24 per hour approx.

Does the DEVImat go under the furniture?

Yes. When designing your room, we recommend that you select furniture that allows the movement of air. Items such as beanbags and mattresses laid direct to the floor can result in “hot spots” that, in the worst-case scenario, can discolour the floor.

How long does the DEVImat take to install?

The DEVImat is a user-friendly, self-adhesive mat. A licensed professional can complete an installation in as quickly as 30 minutes, while larger spaces require more time and can take up to a few hours.

How does the DEVImat control the heating?

The DEVImat controls heating through quick heat-up times and intelligent programming to the DEVIreg Opti, DEVIreg Touch or DEVIreg Smart. The DEVImat connects to the thermostat to control temperatures. Additionally, the DEVIreg Smart has an app for your mobile phone for usage on the go. Then, the DEVImat heats up through the conduction of energy, translating to thermal energy.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes an invoice will be created with your order.

How long does a quote last?

A quote from Comfort Heat lasts 30 days. 

Are the DEVI cables safe while installing the floor?

Yes. The DEVImat is an underfloor heating system. It is safe to install flooring above the mats.

Do I need to use an electrician?

No. It is not required to use an electrician to install the underfloor heating kits. It is, however, recommended to hire an electrician to ensure quality. Builders, homeowners, electricians can all install the DEVImat heating kits. We have a range of video guides available for you if you are completing a DIY project.

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