With 20 years of experience in the supply and install of DEVI floor heating systems, products include; heating cables, heated mats and thermostats. Our installation expertise ranges from residential and renovations to commercial works, Alpine heat tracing in roads, bridges and roofs and industrial freezer floors/moisture control in industrial filters.

Two past projects have been the supply and installation of DEVI heating systems in the Meerkat enclosure at the Royal Children’s Hospital and the turf heating at the renowned Melbourne Cricket Ground.

In the 90s, Australians were unfamiliar with new heating technologies emerging around the world. Ken McKerrell, noticed this trend, and with the harshness of Victorian weather, Ken, in the 70s, pioneered the rise of the Victorian Underfloor heating industry. He built the family-owned business from the ground up with a vision to warm Victoria with sustainability and energy efficiency at the forefront.

The Comfort Heat story began in 1998, and been serving the needs of Melbourne’s electric floor heating market providing a reliable, long lasting heating solution to all clients.

About Comfort Heat electric underfloor heating

Comfort Heat – Tile Heat supply and install Devi electric heating systems. European made, DEVI is Australia’s leading brand in intelligent electric floor heating systems, offering a full range of high performing, long-lasting cables, mats and thermostats. DEVI sets the bar high as one of the most respected names in electric floor heating and a global leader in heating solutions.

Having underfloor heating means any room can be designed with elegant simplicity. The electric radiant floor heating systems are recognised around the world as safe, silent and very comfortable, providing practical luxury in any room. DEVI develops, manufactures and markets complete systems containing heating cables and thermostats. DEVI is high performance, greater comfort, optimum reliability and usability, and correspondingly low energy consumption.

DEVI Intelligent Electric Floor Heating

DEVI Electric floor heating goes particularly well under hard floor surfaces and does not take up valuable floor space. One of the great advantages of floor heating in bathrooms is that heat is not lost in the exhaust air, as seen with convection heating.  This form of heating is hidden from view and considerably reduces the amount of traveling dust particles which is naturally a great relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.

The DEVI Thermostats allow you to heat specific rooms independently and can be programmed to automatically meet your weekday and weekend lifestyle. Pure comfort is far from the only reason to choose DEVI floor heating. DEVI offers flexibility, durability, minimal energy consumption and comes with a warranty that is second to none.

Electric floor heating is ideal for bathrooms, ensuites and laundry rooms. It works perfectly under floor coverings such as marble, stone, slate and all varieties of tiles. It’s also fabulous under carpet and timber floors.  Please note that if used under carpet, cables must be laid in a sand/cement bed or levelling screed.

Installation The installation of an electric floor heating system is generally straight forward, although depending on the system, the level of complexity can vary.  It is very important that care is taken during the install. It is very important that care is taken during the install to avoid cutting or damaging the cable in any way.

Maintenance Electric floor heating systems are virtually maintenance free so long as they have been properly installed at the front end with no damages to the cables. If the cable damage is minor, more often than not it can be easily fixed. Once they have been installed, good quality cables have a lifespan of upwards of thirty years.

Cost Electric floor heating is a cost-effective heating solution when properly used. The upfront cost of an electric system can be much less than that of a hydronic floor heating system. Here is an example of running cost, please note it depends on the electricity plan. Here is an equation that we use for a rough approximate based on the charges on our electricity bill:

watts X rate during biggest peak = running costs per hour


Bathroom 1 (3m2) uses 450 w = $0.18 per hour approx.
Bathroom 2 (4m2) uses 600 w = $0.24 per hour approx.

Thermostats Another factor in ensuring the highest efficiency of your floor heating system is a high quality thermostat. They will allow you to heat specific rooms or areas independently or program them to automatically meet your weekday and weekend lifestyle. You can select from manual or programmable thermostats or incorporate a mix of the two if preferred. A good quality thermostat will allow for greater control over temperature, zoning and timing making it easy for you to make the most out of your floor heating system.