A Perfect Heating Solution for your Bathroom or Ensuite: Electric Floor Heating

A Perfect Heating Solution for your Bathroom or Ensuite:

Electric Floor Heating:  Cost-Effective, Gentle and Lasting Heat from the Ground Up!

It’s fair to say that the vast majority of us will make a few trips to bathroom each day. And for some of us – especially the ladies – this room becomes an escape from the chaos of the rest of the house when it comes to primping and pruning themselves before a night out or the start to their day.

Let’s face it, the time spent in your bathroom or ensuite can add up to many more hours than one would expect over the course of a lifetime, so it’s important to be comfortable in this environment.

Electric floor heating in small applications like bathrooms is a very affordable luxury. It’s an easy way to take the chill off the floor and warm up the feel of your bathroom so that you and your guests can maximise the enjoyment of your time in this space!

What are your options?

There are two types of systems to consider when heating your bathroom floor:

Devimat in glue or tile bed
In screed heating cable

Please note that insulation is always highly recommended under all floor heating systems to ensure less heat loss down into the ground while increasing the efficiency of your system.

The Beauty of a “Time in Use System”

Both the Devimat and in screed cable systems are “time in use systems”, meaning that they only need to run when needed. This ensures the highest level of energy efficiency saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

When used in conjunction with a programmable thermostat you can program these systems to ensure they work to your required needs. It is very common for people to program their thermostat to allow for the floors to be warm when they wake up, turned off while they are at work and pre-heated again in the evening so they can arrive home to beautifully warmed floors.

See the NEW Devireg Touch Digital Touch Screen Thermostat!

Devimat System:

Devimat is an element that comes pre-attached to an adhesive fibre glass mesh backing made in pre-determined sizes starting from .5m2 and increasing by .5m2 up to 4m2. This then continues to increase by a full square meter up to 10m2. The mat itself is 2.5 millimetres thick and is installed directly beneath the tile.

Warm up time: very responsive and warms the floors very quickly (note: the actual heat up time can be impacted by factors including the thickness of the tile and of the glue bed).

In Screed Cable System:

The In Screed System uses heating cable that comes in pre-determined lengths to fit into specific areas. It is attached to a mesh to be evenly spaced across the floor. The cable itself is 6mm thick and needs to sit in a recommended 20-25mm thick screed bed followed by tiling.

Warm up time: the warming of the screed bed itself can take longer than that of the Devimat, however, the screed is able retain the heat for a longer period of time.

See Deviflex In Screed DTIP-10 Heating Cable
See Deviflex In Screed DSIG-17 Heating Cable

A Complementary Bathroom Heating Solution

To top off the gentle warming effect of your bathroom or ensuite, consider eliminating the age old problem of foggy, steamy mirrors with a Devimat Mirror Heater!

No more wiping, no more streaks.  They are installed on the wall behind the mirror using suitable adhesive and a thermostat is NOT required to operate them.

Devimat Mirror Heater are maintenance-free and are manufactured using safe, rugged double insulated heating cable. The mirror heaters are quick and easy to install and usually connected via the power/light/fan switch.

Their running costs are low, especially when comparable to a light globe. The heaters are available in three sizes which can be adjusted to suit various shapes and they also come complete with a 10 year warranty!

The maximum temperature: 60°C

We supply & install a range of floor heating mats and cables for a variety of applications. Please contact us on 0404 32 61 68 or email us at info@tileheat.com.au

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